RPSS Group: Investing in Leaders

RPSS Group has earned a reputation as a top Venture Capital firm. We support high-potential, revenue-generating companies led by fearless founders.

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Our Investment Philosophy

At RPSS Group, we believe we are investing in more than just a company; we are investing in the people. We invest in companies that have superior teams, are cash-efficient, have high potential for growth, and have a valuable product offering.

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Our Value-Add

RPSS Group only invests in companies in which we can contribute more than just capital. We provide personalized strategic guidance and we leverage our portfolio companies and vast industry connections to make introductions and referrals to accelerate the growth of our investments.

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Interested in joining the portfolio?

Interested in joining the portfolio? We'd love to hear from you! E-mail your pitch deck to opportunities@RPSSGroupLLC.com

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